India's Best Bicycle Under 20,000


It might be challenging to choose the best bicycle under $20,000, but if you are aware of your needs and the type of riding you prefer—casual city cycling or off-road cycling—you can make an informed decision. Have a look at your top options for cycles under 20000 below, shortlisted by Cyclop experts.

What to Look for in a Cycle Under 20,000?

Frame and weight: The frame material could be steel or alloy. The weight of a cycle under 20000 will be around 13-16 kgs.
Gear combination and quality: You can choose from one- to twenty-four-speed cycles. Choose a higher gear combination if you live in a mountainous location or plan to climb hills. The gears change smoothly thanks to high-quality parts. Look for Shimano-branded components as an easy way to verify the component's quality.
Components and features: A cycle's price fluctuates mostly as a result of its parts and attributes. Disc brakes, various wheel sizes, suspension, and tyre quality are among the features.
Now let's examine the top cycles under 20000. As prices fluctuate, ask your local dealer what they are currently offering.

1. B’Twin Rockrider 340 MTB Cycle

Price: Rs. 12,999

Good for: City commute, good customer care, servicing

The B'Twin Rockrider 340 is a reliable workout tool for commuting within cities. Its frame is made of lightweight aluminum. Without pedals, a medium size weighs 14.85 kg.

It is a versatile cycle for mountainous commutes as well thanks to the 21-speed Shimano shifters. It boasts an 80mm Suntour XCT suspension with a stiffness dial, making the transition from pavement to gravel simple.

2. Montra Trance Hybrid Cycle

Price: Rs. 18,350

Good for: Fast city rides, undulating terrain 

Montra Trance is a hybrid bicycle with 21 speeds. It has Kenda 700x35c tyres, which make commuting quick. The double-wall alloy rims are impact-resistant, durable, and strong.

You can stay hydrated on lengthy rides thanks to a bottle cage that fits in the frame. The 50mm suspension makes it possible to ride over bumps. It boasts power alloy V-brakes and Shimano Altus 21-speed shifters for effortless moving.

3.Firefox Rapide 21S Hybrid Cycle

Price: Rs. 19,000

Suitable for: Fast riding on flat roads, easy to transport

With 21-speed Shimano Tourney shifters and 700x35C tires, the Firefox Rapide is a quick hybrid bicycle.

It is a sturdy bicycle with double-walled alloy rims and an alloy frame. Components, replacement parts, and services are always easily accessible because of the numerous Firefox outlets across the nation.

The cycle is simple to transport because of the fast-release mechanisms on the front and back wheels. Thanks to the seat post's fast-release mechanism, you may quickly modify the bicycle for your height or that of another rider.


4. B’Twin Triban 100 Flat Bar Road Cycle

Price: Rs. 17,999

Good for: Good customer care and servicing, fast flat commutes, lightweight

It is the lightest cycle on this list of cycles under 20,000, weighing just 11kg (size medium and without pedals). For a comfortable ride, it boasts a cozy upright seating geometry.

It is simple to use, easy to maintain and intended for novices. The Shimano Altus 7-speed trigger shifter is a high-quality, simple-to-use shifter. Quickly arrive at your destination with 700x32C tires. 

5. Hero Doran 29T MTB Cycle 

Price: Rs. 18,700

Good for: Trail riding, value for money, control

In bikes under 20,000, the Hero Doran 29T is designed for a pure trail riding experience. For excellent traction and control on trails and turns, it sports 29′′ x 2.1′′ tires.

This 21-speed MTB performs well over uneven terrain. At 16.3 kg, the weight is on the heavier side.

It has disc brakes for rapid stopping on both sides. Compared to V-brakes, disc brakes are much simpler to maintain. It is a flexible bike for flat roads and trails thanks to the coil suspension and lockout system.

6. Roadeo A50 MTB Cycle

Price: Rs. 14,525

Good for: Trail riding, traction, and quick gear shifting

The only purpose of the Roadeo A50 is for trail riding. For smooth riding, it has 21-speed Shimano easy fire shifters. The 26"x2.1" tires and double-walled aluminum rims provide good traction.

Active and the front disc provides long-lasting braking. The front suspension reacts quickly. There is no friction in the bottom bracket.

The seat post's rapid release allows for slight modifications. Although it cannot support large jumps, it can go fast over bumps and potholes. Don't be afraid to go hiking this cycle if you have the money.

7. Cosmic Trium 27.5 MTB Cycle

Price: Rs. 16,999

Good for: Sudden braking, trail riding

The Cosmic Trium 27.5 is a beginner-level mountain bike that is ideal for trail users.

It has derailleurs and shifters powered by Shimano, as well as disc brakes on the front and back. The trail experience you will have with the 27.5"x2.125" tires is fantastic.

The 100mm travel suspension provides smooth riding and supports jumps.

8. Montra Rock 1.0 27.5 MTB Cycle

Price: Rs. 18,630

Good for: Flat trails, commute, and good handling

The Montra Rock 1.0 is suitable for fitness rides, off-roading, and riding on flat trails. It has 27.5′′ x 2.1′′ Kenda Komodo tires that are attached to XMR 27.5′′ alloy rims.

It has a compact, lightweight aluminum frame that is simple to travel. It is simple to control the bicycle on trails and turns thanks to the 680mm long handlebar.

Hero Octane Salamander 27.5 is also a fantastic choice if you could raise your money.

9. Scholl Oxygen 27.5 MTB Cycle 

Price: Rs. 19,900

Good for: Durability, dual disc brakes for a quick stop, undulating terrain

A 21-speed MTB bike with dual disc brakes is called the Scholl Oxygen. It is ideal for flat trails and off-road driving.

One feature sets it apart from the other cycles on this list: internal wiring. It provides the cycle with a tidy appearance. The cables become durable as a result.

10. Montra Helicon Disc Hybrid Cycle

Price: Rs. 18,900

Good for: Fast urban riding, sudden braking

A hybrid bicycle with 21 speeds and fast-rolling 27.5"X1.75" Kenda tires is called the Montra Helicon Disc. It is available in an extremely stylish Silver-Red/Black color.

Shimano Tourney derailleurs and Shimano Altus shifters are used on the Montra Helicon Disc. Dual disc brakes are equipped for quick stops on city streets. Off-roading will not be enjoyable due to the harsh suspension.